Product Care

Although timber is a very durable and hard wearing material, it does require some maintenance to ensure it lasts a lifetime, and is kept in the best condition. When I make my chopping boards I always finish them with a food safe finish, but the finish differs depending on what species of timber I am using. On the oak chopping boards I use a food safe danish oil. I use this because it brings out the depth and the richness of the grain in the oak but also provides a water resistant and durable finish. 

The sycamore chopping boards are finished with a food safe water based lacquer. Over time sycamore naturally darkens and this lacquer helps to prevent such  natural discoloration. The lacquer is also extremely hard wearing and water resistant so if you were a customer who wants minimal maintenance of your chopping board it would be perfect! 


How to maintain your board

To give your board the greatest longevity I recommend that you follow the advice below:

  1. Do not submerge your board in water - us a damp cloth to wipe clean. You can use any diluted household cleaning solution as long as it does not contain bleach. 
  2. After wiping with the damp cloth ensure you dry your board thoroughly with a clean tea towel or dry clean cloth.
  3. Your board is not dishwasher safe so please do not put it in your dishwasher to clean it.

In addition to this information above, If you felt that your oak chopping board needed more maintenance, you could re - finish it with a food safe danish oil. Danish oil is available from many DIY stores and low in cost. It is easily applied and dries relatively quickly.

But if you ever needed advice on if you should and how to re - finish your chopping board  please don’t hesitate to get in touch.