How I Source My Products

How I source my products 

At Willow Leaf, all wooden products are handcrafted by myself in my little workshop in Welsh hills, but wood isn’t for everyone. I wanted to offer you a broad range of unique and unusual gifts and have something for everyone.So I made it my mission to find them, here’s how !

 Handmade in the UK for me, UK craftsmanship and quality is second to none, and being able to trace a product from exactly where it was made is key for being totally transparent with my customers. 

Something Different ! I wanted to find that unique product, not your run of the mill products you could find on the highstreet ! The products had to stand out to me and catch my eye. This wasn’t easy and took me a lot of time and patience but eventually ‘that’ product appeared.

People behind the product being relatively new to the world of retail I wanted to have a relationship with the people behind the product that could help guide me in the right directions. I am so glad to say everyone I work with is so supportive and always there to help me out ! 

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