My Story

Hello, I am Tia, a 22 year female from Mid-Wales who is crazy about woodwork and ponies. I wanted you to get to know me and my business better.

Early life 

So I think it best we start where it all began. I originally grew up in the Cheshire countryside with my mum and dad. When my little brother arrived we moved to a small farm in the beautiful mid wales and this is where I still am. My early childhood was surrounded by the countryside and lots of horses. I was and still am a pony crazy girl, nothing I am ashamed of. These creatures are so very special to me, they have and continue to teach me things about myself everyday. I still have horses to this day. I have my very special Underberg. He has the funniest character  and never fails to bring me back to reality and always challenges my riding to improve, but ultimately is my best friend. 


Beginning of my Furniture making 

I was 16 when I entered the world of furniture making. My first course was a 2 year course at Hereford tech college which I loved but we were a small group to say the least, a total of 6 of us. I completed my course at Hereford Tech college of which I had a wonderful time and always look back over the amazing memories I made there. I then moved onto the Peter sefton Furniture school. A total of 7 of us, 6 Men and me, the only girl - by this time I was more than used to it. This course was 9 months and really pushed me and eventually made me see I could make high end furniture. Towards the end of the course and of making Zampanina my Champagne cabinet there were many days I thought I was not cut out for this and even considered giving up. But my god I am glad I never did. I owe it to my parents for keeping me going that last few weeks because if they hadn't been there to support me I would not have finished my Champagne cabinet. This cabinet then took me to the Young furniture makers exhibit albeit not the competition but it was still an honour to exhibit it there. I also owe my champagne cabinet to my Freeman of the furniture makers of which I got to meet incredible people and are still a part of today!


Starting Willow Leaf

After all the excitement of finishing my champagne cabinet and being asked to exhibit in London, I took a 6 week break completely away from furniture and went to be a horse groom at a show jump yard in Germany. As horses are such a special hobby to me this was just what I needed to unwind from the workshop and reset myself. Once I returned I got straight to work, firstly spending on my workshop, I focused on the big pieces of kit that were vital, the bandsaw, planer and extraction system. I then turn my attention to the actual business and set up the boring but important businessy stuff. After all that I could start to get creative again - I began setting up the social media and the website which would have not of been possible without the help of Marie from Bridgewater creative, who designed me a fabulous website and lot of advice with social media and SEO - I still think a degree in Marketing would have been very useful !  Once my online presents started to exist I got in the workshop because in my opinion there is no point in holding stock unless there is somewhere to sell. I started basic with chopping boards keyrings and a tealight holder whilst I got used to my kit and could just make it with no pressure which was needed! Before I knew it was 2020, I had my very first market booked and I had put everything in place ready to go - card machine, business cards, banners and lots of boxes. A week before the market was supposed to happen - COVID lockdown and everything cancelled ! So with no other choice but to ride it out I continued to make and focused on online sales which were good but nothing spectacular as SEO takes its time to be effective and climb rankings. During lockdown I took another part time job working for my mum for extra income. This gave me a lot of knowledge about finance, tax and business - which isn't a bad thing, even if desk work isn’t for me. Once we came out of the first lockdown I went to my first ever market which was Chorlton, Manchester - the most fabulous place full of residents that love to support small businesses. After that first market I was away doing markets pretty much every weekend to fit in between my dressage competitions. I had such a great time, learned so much that was so valuable. 2021 was also really busy with markets but managed to fit a bit of travelling in towards the end. 

I would be really grateful if you would join and support me on my journey with my business and can't wait to share it all with you.

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