Bespoke Chopping Boards

Each kitchen is different; you might find yourself in the position of not being able to find the perfect chopping board off the shelf. Let me help you out- whether you have a larger than life kitchen that needs a chopping board to match or you have a smaller kitchen and need something more practical I can certainly help you. By going bespoke you can choose exactly what shape, size, material and finish will suit your particular requirements the best.  



Picking a Timber

If you had a specific timber in mind you can of course let me know and I can contact my timber supplier to find some. However these are timbers I  recommended for chopping boards;

  • Sycamore - Sycamore is very light in colour and has an almost white appearance with slightly darker flecks running through.Sycamore has a closed/interlocking grain structure that means it is not as porous, as timbers like oak and ash. This means the bacteria finds it very hard to penetrate the surface of the board. You can read more about sycamore in my blog here 


  • Oak - Oak is a very well known timber. I am sure many of you have Oak furniture or other Oak items in your homes. Oak is a very stunning timber and can have unique medullary rays which really enhance the visual look of the piece. As I am sure you are aware, Oak is extremely durable and tough so an Oak chopping board will last for many years if treated correctly.


  • American Black Walnut - Walnut has a warm brown colour almost chocolatey. Walnut often has some beautiful grain running through the timber which makes it very beautiful. Like oak it is also a very strong and durable timber.  


  • Maple - Maple is similar in color to sycamore and very light in colour but is a very hard timber and extremely durable. 


Choosing a finish 

The finish on the board is entirely up to you if you would a like a specific finish I can of course cater to this and if you would like to finish the board yourself I can leave the wood bare. However below I have listed some finished that I recommend and I have found popular with my clients 

  • Worktop oil - The worktop oil I use is a mix of oil and a wax this is offer the timber some water resistance properties and also some stain resistance to thing such as red wine and tea. This is of course food safe. 
  • Mineral oil - This is a natural finish and is a blend of natural oils to nourish the timber. There is a level of maintenance with this finish and I would recommend every 3 months it will need to be topped up with oil. Being a natural finish it is of course food safe
  • Danish oil - This oil is a blend of tung oil and linseed oil it is a hard wearing finish and offer some water and stain resistance. It is also food safe 



How to order 

To commission a bespoke board do get in touch I will work collaboratively with you to create your dream chopping board that meets all of your requirements.  

One of kind 

Are you looking for something really unique that no one else in the world will have? When I look for timber at my timber yard I spend a lot of time looking for those truly unique pieces of wood to make very unique chopping boards - such as amazing grain, colour, natural edge. 

If you are looking for a one of a kind board do get in touch as I do have a small selection of special boards in stock but I am always searching for those special pieces of wood, if you would like to sign up to hear about my one of a kind selection let me know.