Why I use Sycamore Wood

Sycamore is not a common wood that we see a lot like Oak etc and some people aren't aware of how amazing this wood is. In this blog I want to give you some more information about sycamore and why I have chosen to make a range of chopping boards from it. 

What does sycamore wood look like?

Sycamore is very light in colour and has an almost white appearance with slightly darker flecks running through. Here is a picture of one of my chopping boards made from sycamore wood. 

Sycamore Chopping board


Beyond the appearance.

Sycamore is well known in the woodworkers industry for having a tight/interlocking grain structure. What does this mean ? Each species of timber has a slightly different grain structure; some have an open grain which is where the cells in the tree have been arranged with microscopic gaps. Making the wood more porous and more prone to splitting. whereas closed grain timber such as sycamore, the cells have been arranged much closer together creating nearly no gaps. In turn this means that the timber can have a much smoother finish and is not as porous. 

Why is Sycamore good for chopping boards?

As mentioned above Sycamore has a closed/interlocking grain structure that means it is not as porous, as timbers like oak and ash. This means the bacteria finds it very hard to penetrate the surface of the board and just sits on top until it is sanitised. As well as this Sycamore is hardwood so doesn’t not leave deep knife lines when it is cut on. Drawbacks as we know nothing is perfect in this world, as Sycamore is a hard wood it can blunt knives quicker than other types of wood. In my opinion the anti microbial properties of sycamore out way the life of my knives, which ultimately can be sharpened easily.  Apart from the obvious anti microbial properties, I wanted to offer my clients Sycamore wood boards because I think it is a beautiful timber with gorgeous grain and stunning colour. I also think these chopping boards stand out from the crowd and you do not see a wealth of sycamore boards on the market so I believed they were a brilliant addition to my range for my clients to enjoy. 

What do you think

Did you know that sycamore was anti microbial? And do you like the unique colour ?


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