Oak Chopping Board Or Sycamore Chopping Board ?

Currently Willow Leaf Gifts make and sell both Oak and Sycamore chopping boards. Over the years there have been many myths flying around about how hygienic wooden chopping boards really are, but a lot of them have been proven to be false. In fact wood is the best way to go. Here's why!

Time to get scientific
It is a matter of fact that wooden chopping boards are much safer than plastic. This is because plastic is a softer material so knife lines will be deeper and they have a tendency to ‘self heal’ especially when exposed to heat. This means bacteria can remain on and within the board. Plastic boards can blunt your knives quicker too. Wood is a tougher material so will not produce such deep knife lines and will not self heal, this means bacteria cannot penetrate or remain in the board. Also, wooden chopping boards can be sanded down and refinished with appropriate oils.

What's the best timber and why ?

The reason I make Oak chopping boards is because Oak is a very well known timber. I am sure many of you have Oak furniture or other Oak items in your homes. Oak is a very stunning timber and can have unique medullary rays which really enhance the visual look of the piece. As I am sure you are aware, Oak is extremely durable and tough so an Oak chopping board will last for many years if treated correctly.

The grain in sycamore is much more closed than the grain in Oak. This means that it is much harder for bacteria to penetrate timber. In fact, Sycamore is often referred to as being ‘naturally naturally anti - bacterial’. Many chefs have switched from traditional oak boards to sycamore boards for this very reason. This does not mean it's not safe to use an Oak chopping board, it just means that you need to ensure you clean them regularly.

Sycamore is a beautiful timber but instead of being dark like the oak, it is very light and can be almost white in colour. Sycamore has stunning grain figures and can look just as good or even better than oak ! Over the years the Sycamore will become darker; it's just the nature of timber. All light woods become darker and all dark woods become lighter !

What do I think ?
Well I love them both ! I might be a bit biased but I think they are both beautiful timbers in their own right and both extremely safe as chopping boards. So whether you want to play it safe with a gorgeous oak chopping or add something beautifully unique to you kitchen with a stunning sycamore chopping board one of these will offer the perfect solution for you.

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