Guide To Buying a Wooden Chopping Board

Complete Guide To Buying a Chopping Board


When looking at buying your next chopping board it can be a mind-field! It takes one search in google to be greeted with numerous materials, shapes and sizes. So I decided I would help you out and point you in the right direction to finding your perfect board.

1. Stay clear of plastic!
Over the years plastic chopping boards have caused their fair share of controversy, due to the hygiene of them. While they are easy to clean and come in lots of colours, it is possible for bacteria to build up as the plastic is self healing. It is also likely to transfer micro-plastics into your food when chopping. So my advice is to stay clear ! If a wooden board really isn't your style, maybe look down the glass board route.

2. What are you going to use it for ?
Something to consider is what you are going to be chopping, if you are chopping at all.
If you are going to be chopping with more meat and fish it might be a good idea to use a board that is really good against bacteria so for example a sycamore board. (link) On the other hand if you are someone that is going to be cooking with more vegetables but still cuts meat from time to time I would recommend an oak chopping board,it is still very good against bacteria but has more of an open grain compared to sycamore.

** Find out more on the differences between oak and sycamore chopping boards click here to read our blog all about them **


3. Not for chopping ?
Maybe cooking isn’t your thing and entertaining is ! In the world of serving boards you can really be dramatic from super long canape boards to round centerpiece boards. Bacteria doesn't really play a part here so any species of wood you like can work, and you can really think about what colours and styles will fit well in your kitchen and match accordingly. See some links below to a few of our favorite entertainment boards.

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