4 Tips To Care For Your Wooden Chopping Board Like a Pro

Top 4 Tips For Caring Your Wooden Chopping Board 

Caring for your chopping board correctly will ensure that it will last in good condition for many years to come. Each of my boards are supplied with a care card so each customer will know exactly how to care for them.  But here's a reminder so I have devised my top 4 tips for caring for your wooden chopping board. 

  • Do not put the board in the dishwasher. 
  • All though you may think you are just cleaning the board the heat and the moisture in a dishwasher will cause your board to warp and swell and will completely damage it. Timber is a very hygienic  material so doesn't require extensive cleaning. A simple wipe down with warm water and kitchen spay will be more than enough.  

  • Do not soak it in water 
  • Timber is very sensitive to water and moisture and expands when exposed. Letting your board soak in water will make it swell up. when it dries out it will lead to cracking in the wood therefore damaging the board.

  • Drying it evenly 
  • Drying the board evenly will mean that all the moisture leaves the board at the same time so it massively reduces the risk of the board warping. So I suggest leaving it to dry on its edge or propped up somewhere in your kitchen. 

  • Oil the board 
  • Even though my boards are well protected over the years they may require some maintenance and added protection. I suggest using food safe danish oil. 

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