Why Bespoke ?

Bespoke gifts 

Dreaming of that perfect homeware item that fits your home and your personality - I am now offering a fully bespoke service. We work collaboratively with our clients to create highly personal pieces tailored to meet every requirement. Our clients will enjoy an open and inspiring creative process. Bespoke projects are a labour of love and are solely made by myself and my close team of trusted colleagues. 

Why bespoke?

Why bespoke? Sometimes you can scroll  the internet and search the high street but still can't find that perfect item that fits you. So going bespoke can be the best way to get round this, being able to specify each element that you require and going on a journey developing your dream piece. 


 Something that is very important to me is sustainability. Having a piece made designed to last a lifetime is a lot more sustainable than buying lower quality items just to put them in the bin a couple years later. I ensure that my pieces are made from FSC certified timber and other ethically sourced materials. You can read what I do with my workshop waste in this blog below. 



Something that is different from buying online or highstreet is the aftercare that I offer. No matter how long ago you bought from me I am always happy to refinish and fix any damage that occurs.  This will in turn keep the product in perfect condition and improve longevity. 

Personal touch 

Personal touch and client service is vital to creating your bespoke piece. I will personally be designing and communicating with you over your design. Where possible I love to meet my clients and really engage with them to aid me with the design. Hand drawn sketches will be supplied at each stage of the design and this are subject to change until the client is completely happy. 

Gives you control 

Having a bespoke piece made gives the client the control of the features they do not have with retailers. I like the client to have control of the design but be there to aid with my technical knowledge and understanding of the materials we would be working with.  Each element of the piece can be tailored to your exact requirements. You can just have the features that you will use and need and nothing else to get in your way. 


When I make anything, no matter bespoke or my core range, quality is one of my top priorities. I use my knowledge and training to make sure everything is made to the highest quality. 

Supporting traditional crafts makers

Supporting craftsmen and craftswomen like myself who merge modern and traditional techniques to bring your piece to life. By buying bespoke from me or any other makers will be supporting our small community of makers that are passionate about providing you with a bespoke service and product that is second to none. 

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